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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Web 2.0 Changes The Sales Process

The first time I met a local turnaround exec, I was introducing myself when she said, “Oh, I know you, Dick. I read your blogs. I’m a lurker.”

Here was someone I didn’t know, who knew a lot about me and what I do. Our conversation quickly went to what I could do for her. She already had ideas.

Contrast that with a typical sale. The first meeting is to create interest. And when I meet other people in the prospect organization, each subsequent first meeting is to create interest and verify “yup, I’m THAT guy.”

When people ask for a presentation to their team, they have already made an emotional investment in taking action. Assembling a group for a presentation is a substantial investment of resources.

Having an effective Web 2.0 program means that I spend more time with people who aren’t looking to be convinced about my value, they are trying very hard to see how my value might work in their organization, fit their needs.

Are you known before you get there? What differences does that make for you? 

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