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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rainmaker - The Nametag

Dov Gorman of the Capital Technology Management Hub asked for an ongoing series of ten minute “Rainmaker” presentations before the monthly CTMH meetings – this is the next in the series.   

On Tuesday January 11th, the free monthly meeting of the CTMH will be on the topic: “The Strategic Cloud – How Cloud computing enables the strategic transformation to IT as a service” – for details and to sign up go to: .  Come join us!

Here's the handout:

Rainmakers: The Nametag

Who here has a name that is different from everyone else in the room?
Who has trouble remembering names?

How many events like this do you attend each year?

How about we each bring our own name tag?

If you were going to design you own name tag, what would you do?

What is the best thing you learned in the last five minutes?
To complete this exercise, please comment with the best thing you have learned at:

See you on Tuesday night!

1 comment:

Thoughthebrowser said...

I always carry a nametag, the bigger the better.

Turns out the biggest problem receptionists have is making sure they get my name right. So if we get past that easily, they have some focus to try to help me.

Once I was sitting in a conference room, and the owner of the company comes in, sees the name tag and says, "We have a salesman here!" He was happy to purchase.

Name tag is part of the professional kit.