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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hansel and Dick

I was reading the fairy tale, Hansel and Dick. You know, the one where the two guys got out of the woods because they left a trail of handouts behind them.

I have come to think that the most important part of a sale is making sure all the prospects have something in their hands to remind them of what they heard.

You think your presentation is five dimensional and requires a browser to see? Fine, give them a piece of paper with the internet address.

You think your presentation is a powerful graphic that completely explains the meaning of life from your point of view? Great! Circle each turning point on the diagram and tell the story that goes there. (See “The Dreaded Process Diagram”)

Buying is a social activity. Buyers want to check with someone else, just to make sure they are not being a complete fool.

Give your buyer the tools to repeat your presentation powerfully.

That got Hansel and Gretel out of the woods.

What’s your story?

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