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Monday, May 24, 2010

Selling “Innovative”

I have had the opportunity to sell flat out, brand new, never-been-seen-before technology several times.

In each case the existing crew was killing themselves to have the prospect understand how innovative their offering was. I remember a mandatory eight hour demo that absolutely defined a “false positive.”

Nobody cared.

After some trial and much error, I learned that people with money don’t want to buy “innovative.” They want “It’s just like what you’re already using…only faster, cheaper, and better.”

That’s what they want.

Oh, and after three years, Bubba turned that eight hour demo turned into a five minute “drive-bye demo” Prospects would ask us to do it again and again as it was so short.

They bought more, too.

I’ve heard that the best readers comment. How about helping out?

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