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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Original Third Tuesday

We are honored to introduce the new and original website for the wildly successful monthly networking event The Original Third Tuesday.  Each month on the third Tuesday 300+ people gather at Clyde's Tower Oaks Lodge in Rockville for several hours of conversation and networking - seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

This month, on August 17th, The Original Third Tuesday is celebrating its one year anniversary - twelve consecutive months of holding this event, so it will be even more of a party than usual.  For an invitation and more details about the event, go to their invitation.

The two founders, Angie Segal of ActionCoach and Ron Dobransky of Rockville Printing, are there to warmly greet people as they arrive and Ron Robbins GM of Clyde's Tower Oaks is the gracious host of these events.

We had a ball working with Ron and Angie to develop this website - - and they are planning several future enhancements to serve the attendees of the events even better.  Check it out.  It's developed using the Google Website App, which as you will see is robust and flexible - and permits us non-programmers to do some very sophisticated stuff.

As with many things in business, this all came about from a casual conversation and a comment about wanting to have a website for interested folks to go to for useful information and to link to the monthly invitations.  The comment blossomed into a concept and from that into an action plan - all with a target of having a robust site up by the anniversary meeting.  Happy to say that all was accomplished as desired.

We presented a program at the Leadership Breakfast of Maryland on Building Your Social Media Platform - What Is It? - How Do I Do It? Is It For Me?,  which road-mapped this process and got people thinking about adding or enhancing their presence on the Web.

So take a look at the site to see what can be done quickly with just a small investment of your time.


Thoughthebrowser said...

Good show. I'm going.

Unknown said...

Very interesting. Is it primarily corporate-types that attend or are there 'reps' of state and federal agencies there as well?

Ron Dobransky said...

The Event is more Corporate Type and Individuals that attend. If you're looking for more Federal links.....check out the Washington Network Group.

Check out our Facebook Fan Page for a mix of pics of this past Tuesday's Event.

Thoughthebrowser said...

Bryan, for government people, check out Govloop and TFCN (The Federal Contractor Network)