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Monday, April 25, 2011

Observing A Sale

I was talking with n00b, who had just entered the sales game. He was telling me his offering. John, who invests in several local companies walked over.

Me: Hey John, do you ever need inverted frammis services?

John: We are looking to recruit someone for that right now.

n00b: (we don't do recruiting..we provide services)

Me: That's great! n00b here knows a lot of people in that space!

John: n00b, I'd like to talk with you. Here's my card. Call me next week.


My interpretation
Congratulations to everybody for getting into position.

I put the subject on the table. Crude but effective.

John responded, blending my opening term to what he thought he wanted.

n00b didn't seem to recognize the opportunity. This is why you go to meet 'n greets.

What's next?
n00b and John meet. John will keep adjusting his requirement to try to match n00b's capabilities. After all, he is successful...creates advantage from what is available. It would help (a lot) if he decides he likes n00b.

There are good reasons for buying a service rather than recruiting a body. Less risk, not enough work for a full time body, specialists wither without technical nourishment.

In the end, it doesn't matter what you think you are offering. What matters is what the customer finally buys.


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