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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aargh Start

Ben called at 12:30 Monday. “Do you ever have trouble getting started on a Monday?”

I said I knew organizations that had trouble getting started for whole months.

One of my favorite solutions is the Meeting Poster

But what do you do if you’re not faking it in middle management and have to produce some results?

To get temporary relief, try Sales Lab’s Planned Workcycle, my favorite way of jumpstarting the creative process and minimizing rework. Note, this version shows an important upgrade to the Evaluation Step, that makes people enjoy using the process.

When I redefined Evaluation, I felt I plugged the major hole in that process. That’s one of my two best contributions to the field of sales. The other was when I canceled out Objections in the Four Step Sales Process.

Winston Churchill’s several biographies all showed how he took physical actions, building Follies, to shake off the black dog

I have received much positive feedback since I recommended Steven Pressfield's The War of Art. It's a small book with a comprehensive plan for fighting through the lulls.

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Unknown said...


The doc's have a similar problem - lots of calls from patients on rainy days - analogous to holding a meeting to cure boredom.

Your other point offered wonderful insight - continuing review and development of the core product or service. Practical application of the feedback and wealth of experience have a value when applied to the underlying model. Two examples - two changes - two revitalized models, with significant change in the outcome for the user. Good advice.