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Monday, October 3, 2011

Dirty Dozen Decision Process

When faced with a decision, young organizations tend to pick the least worst of two options.

A better way is to enforce creating a list of a dozen alternatives. That can be done in a couple of hours. The process creates a better definition of the problem and also of the choices. The last choices are difficult to define was we get excited seeing better solutions, but completing this artificial exercise eliminates a lot of rework down the line.

The best solution is often a combination of two or three options, which only becomes apparent as the problem resolves into better focus.

I can’t think of a time when part of the solution didn’t come from the last half of the alternatives.

The Dirty Dozen is a formal way to complete your architecture, and creates higher confidence and energy when taking action.

Your thoughts?

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Unknown said...


The written list can lead to additional thoughts when read by someone else - it's like an asynchronous conversation: I write it down, you read it and it sparks a new thought which you share.

This is innovation (when the decision is a good one). In other organizations with a history, the process is often precedent-based (what we've done before). The list of 12 would benefit them as well - if it gets beyond the WEDB boundaries.

Further, a list of two or three will not break a sweat and get into new ground - a dozen causes one to dig deep.

What if you can't get to 12? You still win - the prizes: focus, written document, ease in collaboration, and renewal & excitement!

Thoughthebrowser said...

I like your additional utility to the post. Thank you!