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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sales Culture

The discipline of sales does more than provide the funds that power the organization. The skills developed in the practice of sales have a far-reaching effect on the organization.

Sales as Change Agent
The fastest way to change an organization’s culture is to change what customers buy.

The skill to enlarge influence is communication. Selling is about communication. The next new thing is that every effective salesman will have their own web presence, that they design and maintain as a business asset.

If you think leading a group on a mission is difficult, try leading before consensus is developed. Oh, that’s the definition of selling.

Square Deal
Every salesman I know has a healthy respect of the power of the disappointed client. Most weren’t disappointed by design, which doesn’t lessen the pain, and it is better to learn that respect earlier rather than later.

Developing Others
I don’t develop people because it’s some right thing to do, I develop people’s skills to make my life easier and more productive. Training time is way too important to spend on trivial pursuits.

What benefits of the sales culture do you use?

1 comment:

Unknown said...


The message comes through loud and clear that EVERYONE in the organization is involved in sales.

At the same time, you have captured the scope of a great sales person's role - much more than an order taker!

The final point of training for specific results may be a game changer - too often trainees leave a session wondering why - not from the content but the reason.

Focus on what must be learned to get a specific result - then train on that.