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Monday, April 9, 2012

Choke That Temptation

I was presiding over a science fair last week, when suddenly, a new class came in and no judges were noticing! I hurried to notify the judges, but was stopped by the press of happy students, happy judges, real learning just busting out all over.

Then I thought to myself, these judges are Ph. Ds, who have been working science fairs as long as I have, and they could all see the same situation I could. They knew the drill.

I subsided before I did something stupid.

The judges flowed over to the new projects, on their own, without a hitch. Just a low key action keeping the focus totally on the student-stars of our show.

Have you ever seen a manager who thinks he was appointed sheriff, and can’t stand to sit and watch?

I’m starting to think there is a lot to be learned from rolling a bowling ball. All the work is done before you let go and before you have any idea how it is going. Any improvement after you let go is just supplying comedic value.

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Carol Covin said...

The bowling ball analogy is a perfect summary of your point. Managers/leaders find the lane, pick the ball, define the target, ready the team, then get out of the way. Love your humility in showing us this story through your Science Fair judging experience.

Thoughthebrowser said...

Oo la, Carol!

Proving that one masterful comment can be better than a post! *grin*

Thank you!