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Friday, July 6, 2012

Couch Potato

One of the problems with the explosion in instructional video is that watchers can confuse watching with learning.

Consider the milquetoast who watches Bruce Lee movies and figures that makes him a threat, a dangerous man, legend in his own mind. Humor invariably follows when reality sets in.

Learning is not just being exposed to instruction, it’s making something with it. Doers, Makers.

And people who have a habit of making something useful out of what they observe find new applications, which are sometimes valuable.

Last week I went to the DC outlet of Google IO 2012 and heard a good quote from a doer, Larry Page, “Have a healthy disrespect for the impossible.” 

Why not remember that when you are charging out of the locker room and go make something fun in the next half?

1 comment:

Carol Covin said...

Love the quote, "Have a healthy disrespect for the impossible."

My daughter-in-law taught me an extension to the traditional advice, "learn, then teach it to someone," to include "then change/improve it."