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Monday, August 27, 2012

Drop The Other Shoe

I was watching an organization internally announce a major new direction...sometime in next three years.

They had a clear definition of where the organization was going and what was creating the need for the decision. They also had a clear vision of the benefits for every associate, and the requirements for each person who wants to successfully make the transition. Serious preparation started the same day as the announcement.

The result was positive buzz. These people were on fire, optimistic, making plans, taking immediate action. That had been missing for the previous two quarters, and was a major driver of the new strategy.

Based on current progress they will be ready to switch to their model in less than a year, and will be able to take advantage of successful market conditions.

What caused this decision? The same things most other organizations are facing, softening demand, threatening punitive, contradictory regulation, confusion about the markets and the coming economy. Nothing new.

What was remarkable was that the owners, by taking long term specific action, instead of moaning and hugging the toilet, have made their organization a better place to be and to join, right now.

If you can’t see an attractive course ahead, make one up. Velocity increases luck.


Granny-Guru said...

Love the tag line. Velocity increases luck. Should be tatooed on my forehead.

Unknown said...

Interesting side note - you can increase your velocity simply by driving down a hamburger highway...

Zhong & DeVoe (2010) set to find out. In three small experiments conducted on three different groups of undergraduate college students, they found:

-Unconscious exposure to fast-food symbols increased reading speed when there was no time constraint

-Thinking about eating fast food increased preferences for time-saving products

-Mere exposure to fast food reduced people’s willingness to be patient and save, leading them to choose a financially inferior option.