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Monday, February 25, 2013

Controlled Fall

Different perspectives...

A walk is a controlled fall. Leaning forward increases speed.

We are generally failing right up to the point of success. It’s healthy to learn to appreciate failure and be able to use it effectively.

The only time you have excess money is when you no longer have something to apply it to, like when your working capital comes back because you lost the customer you were servicing.

The Sales Lab Model – True enough to entertain.

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Unknown said...

Failing forward is a concept most folks will not put on a banner or bumper sticker - but huge lessons are learned from the experience.

Have you ever brought home an assemble-it-yourself bookcase? After unpacking it, laying out the parts and hardware, skimming the instructions, and gathering the needed tools - you begin.

Shelf A gets 4 Dowel M, Top F is fitted onto Sides G and H, etc.

You dutifully follow the step by step instructions, gluing and screwing as you progress.

Once done and you are admiring your constructive work, you notice the middle shelf has its unfinished end forward...the dark wood of the rest of the bookcase is in stark contrast to the pale particle board of that blasted shelf installed backwards.

Regardless of how you correct this error, forevermore when assembling furniture you always check twice that the finished end is forward.

A bit of mastery has been acquired.