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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I REALLY like sitting down first thing in the morning and powering through ten or twelve tasks neatly written on my three by five card. That’s a feat of traditional productivity mastery. 

But that doesn’t happen every morning. There’s a lot of set up to get to that point, figuring out what to do, what the steps should be, and improving them.

Trying to figure a course of action to make some software work better can involve thinking, and writing, and searching, and talking, repeated several times. Fixing is the fun part!

Yesterday I was talking to a warrior who has created a complex process for getting optimal results. When it works. And it’s not working any more. 

Now, nobody cares. He admits something different is needed, but it’s so seductive to do it the way he used to. Even though he knows it’s not going to work. 

In science, we have a scientific method to investigate phenomena. We’re not supposed to fake data, and then attack anyone who points it out. But we do. 

Having focus is not enough. We need the maturity to generate the right focus. Because paybacks are hell

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