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Friday, June 14, 2013

Twenty, Two, and One

We are experiencing a time of change - big change, fast change – in business, employment, markets, government. No new news here.

The nature of a job has changed as well...what do you do each day now?

How about this for a model:

20 sits (meetings) per month – to learn, share, sell, or get;

2 blog posts per week – writing aids learning – publishing increases visibility;

1 anchor event per month – where you are known to be part of the ownership team, where you can learn, show what you know, get connected, be visible (and available)and hand out nametags, recruit membership, and present.

By the end of each day, make progress on achieving your goals.

Rainmaker – 300 seconds of new possibilities

1 comment:

Thoughthebrowser said...

Last Friday, I was working with an educator in transition. She is getting little action.

When I asked her what her personal metrics were, she said she had never had any. I told her I was comfortable in 20 and 2, (didn't get to One.

What won her over was that after a week, she could always change her goals.