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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Indirect Economy, Direct Benefit

I was sitting in a board meeting when the subject of sponsors came up. It has come up in several organizations, actually. Usually goes around the table and then doesn’t go anywhere.

When all is said and done a lot more is said than done.

The refrain is we’re outa money, they’ve got money. Let’s get us some of that money.

I’ve sold sponsorships, some inadvertently, and the key is knowing what you are providing and how someone else can use it. Those inadvertent sponsorships occurred when I didn’t know the sponsor had the need. However, the sponsor did when they heard what I was providing. I was clear on what I was providing.

If you’re outa money, it’s often because you haven’t defined what you are providing so that partners and customers can want it. Heck, you may not understand it, really.

Getting that initial deep understanding of the real benefit I am providing makes appealing to other, different stakeholders quicker and easier.

Nobody’s going to sponsor anything because it’s really important to me.

What is the best thing you offer the world?

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