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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ambassadors From The Parking Lot

I stopped in to see a customer. He asked, “How’s the weather out there?”

Heck, he’s on the tenth floor, big office, picture windows to the National Mall. “How’s the weather out there?”

That got me thinking. Most people work in an office, a cube, on a machine. They see the same people day after day. Steve Carrell should make a television show about it.

I walk in, from who knows where, and people want to know what I have seen, what I know. As Daniel Boone said, “I have seen the elephant!

It would surely be a missed opportunity to not develop what I have seen and make it entertaining. That’s the part of my conversation they want first.

“It’s great weather for ducks!”

What are you bringing to the party?

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