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Friday, April 23, 2010

Three for Two

A friend is looking for a new job. Along the way, he created a great sales technique. 

He has two offers developing, and is trying to sort out which one he should take. So he described the good points and bad points of each position to one of his mentors. 

His mentor thought about it and then suggested a third possibility. He hadn’t done that when he saw the new resume the week before. 

I suggested he try it again. He repeated the experiment nine more times. Six out of ten resulted in new, immediate possibilities, from a variety of close to loose acquaintances. 

I think he has come up with a way to make people comfortable that they know him and what they want. They get to imagine shaping his career, and that familiarity is breeding new opportunities. 

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to selling is getting the buyer to imagine succeeding with your offering. 

How do you get that done? 

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