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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sales Lab Redux (Sales Lab 2.0)

Being part of the resurrected Sales Lab is a real experience and takes me back 15 years to my original contact with Dick Davies and Sales Lab, which at that time was Dick Davies. In thinking back on the primary benefits of my initial experience, I remembered standing for 30 second introductions and what benefit our services/products could provide. Simple, right? Well Surprise. It's amazing how many people who believe themselves to be smooth talkers can't do this without all sorts of hitches and stutters. BUT, once it is smooth, a confidence is developed of ones ability to think and speak on your feet. Because of my experience in being able to speak and get my point across in 30 seconds almost any speaking task is simple. It is really the confidence of knowing how to put a message together that is the key. I have used this idea in training multiple teams over the past 15 years and it has been a benefit to all the salespeople I know even those with great experience. So now I'm excited to be part of the new Sales Lab group and work again with Dick and Joe Shumard. Now we can use the Internet and all kinds of new tools. Here comes Sales Lab 2.0.

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