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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More practice please!

Does most of what we do seem to be a reaction to an occurrence rather than part of a plan? Maybe it is all the revelations about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or those surrounding the recent “economic meltdown” but it seems to me that there is a lot less attention being paid to thinking ahead than I can ever remember.

One of the big benefits of my association with Dick Davies (president of Sales Lab, Incorporated) is his interest in “practicing” the sales profession. I have used his system for more than 20 years, very successfully. But having almost daily contact with him these past few months has really helped me appreciate the value of thinking through a presentation, of knowing the important points for each prospect before I arrive, and of developing the “small” elements when I have the time to consider each one.

Whether I am planning an event, a campaign, or the installation of an oil rig, thinking the enterprise through from start to finish has a lot of value. Knowing what you want before you get started on a project is an essential part of success and considering a few “what ifs” might just save you from a disaster. Fashion models practice, baseball players practice, musicians practice; shouldn’t sales professionals, government officials, and oil company executive practice as well?

1 comment:

Thoughthebrowser said...

Everybody needs a routine to practice, whether it's getting settled and adjusting the mirrors before you drive a car or warming up before working out.

I have a hard time being "ready" before a cold start at anything.