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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sales Lab Seminars

Several readers have had questions about the seminar announcements at the bottom of our blog posts. We have a strong lineup for October so here is some explanation.

Ken Kropkowski of The Ken Group told me a seminar is a group of interested individuals gathering to discuss an announced topic.

The Sales Lab Irregulars, Dick, Joe, Jack, and Bruce, also write the Sales Lab Posts, and develop these seminars. We keep an updated list of our public seminars above a list of over 30 topics.

On October 4, we are presenting Talk Your Business – How to make more and better sales right away! at 40 Plus of Greater Washington. This is the best known Sales Lab presentation. Bill Van Dyke of Paradigm Mortgage says, “Talk Your Business is the best Economic Stimulus package Washington has seen. It has inspired new business startups, led companies to unprecedented growth, and re-educates the unemployed.”
We have been working with 40Plus for years and like their mission.

October 12th is the Social Media Engagement Forum at the Mount Vernon Lee Chamber of Commerce. For the past year, Joe Shumard has been getting top area professionals to share how they are using social media tools to grow their businesses. Joe is also running a new member campaign at the Chamber this month, so please come for the information and consider joining.

On October 19th, we are presenting How To Get More Value From Your Existing Resources at Intelligent Office in Rockville. This is a way to consistently take up to 80% of the time and cost out of your common processes, while improving accuracy and morale. 

Jonathan Layne is our host at Intelligent Office, Rockville and Matt Whitaker is our host at Intelligent Office, Alexandria. Between them, they provide telephone, reception, office, and conference services for over 400 companies, providing a public presence, making appointments, answering questions, connecting customers to field personnel, and providing first level technical support. As businesses get more focused, Intelligent Office has specialized to provide cost effective, results driven, front end services.

October 20th we are presenting Championship Leadership in Resource Constrained Markets, a compilation of some of the best new management tools we are seeing in the marketplace, at the Mount Vernon Lee Chamber of Commerce. For over 25 years, we have been providing explosive growth with abundant cash flow (as defined by a customer, long ago), and we have seen that isn’t what businesses are focused on in the current economy. They just want a better margin, or to maintain a margin from what they have been doing. This seminar has many good ideas how to do that.

Come join us at any of these seminars for new ideas you can use right away.

Comments - What would you like to see?

"Talk Your Business" coming October 4th at 40 Plus!

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