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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


For a number of years now I have sent out a newsletter to a few hundred folks, most of them people that had bought or used a service of mine over the years. It doesn’t always carry anything of great consequence, sometimes a really good offer, but most often just a reminder that I’m still here and some words about what I have available. Sometimes even a tidbit of industry or company news.

So why do I do it?

Glad I asked!

I’ve had people tell me that they wanted to place an order with me, but they couldn’t find my contact information, but they knew I would send something out and they could order it then. I guess I could have lost a sale if they had been in a hurry, but it sure is nice that they felt that knew they would have my information and that they waited.

People may like me as their contact, but they can still forget me, or not find getting in touch with me as convenient as ordering from the next person that comes to their door (or phone, or email, or… oh you get it). However since they get regular contact from me in the form of my newsletter and occasional emails, there is a connection and I’m their guy, not the stranger who they just met.

One reason I don’t lose my relationships with people is this simple page that I send out. I also like to list people that I know as people to do business with. I don’t know if anyone has ever gotten business from being listed, but I know that it doesn’t hurt me to put them on and that people appreciate a recommendation from any source.

The main point here is that sending a newsletter perpetuates my relationships with many people, some of whom I may only have contact with every couple of years, but that we stay connected. I have many friendships over the course of time with people that I have done business with and of which the newsletter is a big part.

What are you doing like this?

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Thoughthebrowser said...


Before the internet, I had a fax newsletter like you described for a government contractor. The customers were refaxing it and we were getting business from sphere of influence.

Thank you!