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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Drift and Clobber Management / Leadership

Inattentive or laissez faire oversight, followed by sudden, harsh enforcement of rules, followed by inattentive or laissez faire oversight.

Sound familiar?

Is the drift and clobber style ever effective?


Thoughthebrowser said...

Drift and clobber is the current strategy for bringing an organization down in a soft landing.
It's part of our new lack of belief in ourselves.
What I've noticed is if one person refuses to participate in the decline, it can have a measurable impact

Unknown said...


I agree that even just one voice can begin to turn the tide of accepting mediocrity as an achievement goal.

Drift and clobber is also an outcome of the frenetic pace and pinball concentration cycle.

Amateurs splash water from their bucket at several fires to minimal effect. Professional firefighters douse the fire completely, fold the hoses, and move the truck to take on the next fire - often with constructive information in their wake - like do not use charcoal grill in the house.

A difference between the two is the former is trying to save everything, the latter is saving each completely, but with clear understanding that not all structures may make it.

Thanks for the comment.