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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Difference Between Promised And Produced

I keep getting glimpses that there is a difference between promised and produced. At the most basic level that may be a broken promise. But what if there is something more?

Did you ever hear, “But you promised...” Probably not good.

I’ve also heard, “This is SO much better than what I was expecting!” That’s a way rememberer.

Sometimes you agree to something because you don’t understand what you are agreeing to. Ask the Native Americans about that.

Are customers not allowed to mature, to develop, to learn more while you are producing? That’s a hard rule to enforce. Hard on you, hard on them. Not to mention futile.

I enjoy when customers learn something new on my watch. They tend to enjoy the experience and ask me back again.

Promise what will initiate the transaction. Deliver what will delight the customer. The good guys make that look easy.

Any stories that might support my contention?


Granny-Guru said...

Love the last paragraph ...Promise what will initiate...deliver what will delight. Everyone should have that tattooed on their forehead. said...

Dick -

The last paragraph is a keeper!

I immediately shared it with my team at work because it so nicely summarizes our philosophy.

Thank you - as usual!

Matt Reiner
Solutions Architect