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Monday, December 10, 2012


Coming to the end of the year?

Think you should be getting ready for a better year next year?

Stopped because you want a better way to proceed?

Try this:

Why are you excellent?

When I am considering working with someone, my biggest concern is, “Can I trust this guy?” “Is he any good?”

Do you already answer that? How do you figure out what to say?

Well, if you want something done right...(What’s the response?)

So start with, “Why am I excellent?”

However, since Eve, no one has ever done anything by themselves. So next try, “Why are we excellent?”

Then, since customers know best, how about “Why do our customers think we are excellent? Helps to have some kudo letters or written recommendations.

Finally, without vision the people perish. With six months of planned improvement, “How are we going to be excellent?”

So here are four ways to answer the Excellence question: I, we, they say, and we’re gonna!

Which is best? The one you can believe in most. And it changes during the week.

Try the exercise with your tribe. Tell us what you learn. Happy Merry!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...


Agree with you and the four choices you listed for conveying your excellence.

PBS adds one more when holding a funding drive - we said we would bring you the very best ______ programming and we have, please give so we can continue to be excellent.

Thanks for the post.