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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Loyalty Up, Loyalty Down

I was watching a friend get crushed by his incompetent superior. It seemed inadvertent, unsuccessful, and painful.

Actually, incompetent was too strong a word. The superior was overmatched by his environment, and didn’t take appropriate action. I see that happening a lot.

Which got me thinking about loyalty.

There is an internal efficiency to demonstrating loyalty down the chain. One action is communicated to all subordinates, behavior improves. Loyalty down is a force multiplier.

Loyalty up is for one person, may be appreciated, often not.

Loyalty down has more impact.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Loyalty is something given freely because it was earned in the eyes of the giver.

Perhaps we should have a separate term - like 'foyalty' to describe hollow loyalty based on fear - the instant the threat is gone, the 'loyalty' evaporates.

Since we're inventing new descriptive terms, another one would be 'cloyalty' to describe the boss's feined respect & 'loyalty' to the staff until not needed or remembered.

Even as kids, before we could see the ramifications of a lack of commitment and fair dealing, we knew we didn't like such actions.

Great post!