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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dropping The Other Shoe, Again

A baby girl, just taking her first steps, fell backwards, hitting her head on the sidewalk.

She looked up at me trying to figure out what had just happened. I looked back at her and started a big laugh.

She thought for a few seconds and started laughing with me. Crisis averted.

Her mother started screaming, swooped over, picked up the baby, and glared at me. Scared me and the baby, who started howling, turned red, began choking, hiccuping, all in all had a very scary experience.

Now I’m not generally in favor of fall-down-go-boom, but when it happens, we have a choice how we react.

Technically, the kid was yowling over being snatched by a hysterical big person. Big people are supposed to know best.

If my boss is going to lose it, I should, too. A contact panic, if you will, or at least team loyalty. Possibilities come when you Drop The Other Shoe.

When the going gets tough, are you the cause of the problem, part of the solution, or a hysterical distraction?

I haven’t noticed any of those three roles keep tight situations from occurring, but they have a lot to do with successful outcomes, building a crew, and having experienced arms and legs for the next opportunity.

And for all you pre-planners out there, I haven’t seen that avoidance is a better strategy. The penalties for avoiding a problem are to some extent debilitating and can be terminal. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

A heroic opportunity is a terrible thing to waste. 

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