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Monday, July 8, 2013

Live Tweet Google Plus – The Center Of Your Internet

Monday July 1, I gave an hour plus talk about how I use Google Plus to 40PlusDC.

Best thing I learned at the meeting was about the baggage we make up about being unemployed. If you’re not interesting a potential partner, lack of employment is an easy a way out of a boring meeting. If you’ve created an interest, being immediately available is an asset.

The talk was live tweeted by Susan Mandel, on the 40PlusDC Twitter site.

This is the first time I’ve been live tweeted. I reversed the order from the 40 Plus twitter page so the tweets are in chronological order. I like it!
We plan to livetweet today's event, Google+ for Job Seekers, with @DickDavies starting @10am …

.@dickdavies: I say Google+ is the center of your Internet.

.@DickDavies: Writing your own resume can take 6 wks since we're coming to grips w/ who we are. Same for creating your 1st Google+ page.

.@dickdavies: It takes just 10 min. to create your 2nd Google+ page.

.@DickDavies: Use a URL shortener for your Google+ page., or

.@DickDavies: You don't get to layout your Google+ page. You answer questions & it comes up.

.@DickDavies: Creating Google+ will take you 6 weeks while you come up w/ the language @ who you are.

.@DickDavies: You can take parts of your Google+ page and paste them onto your LinkedIn (and other) profiles.

.@DickDavies: Google+ follows a stock template and it works.

.@DickDavies: My blogs are syndicated on my Google+ page. Artwork from my blog shows up on my Google+ page.

@DickDavies: Google+ will give you a great web presence.

.@DickDavies: I blog twice a week.

.@DickDavies: I tweet my blog posts.

.@DickDavies: If you retweet other people's stuff, you should add something or be the 1st to do it.

.@DickDavies: I learn a lot of useful Google+ tricks from presenters at the Google Technical User Group.

.@DickDavies: First thing I use Google+ for is to get news.

@DickDavies: You can use Google+ to post info to different streams of followers, so everyone doesn't have to see everything you post.

@DickDavies: I find lots of useful info on Google+.

.@DickDavies: Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, anyone can follow you on Google+. You can block them if you want.

@DickDavies: Job hunters should get 20 face-to-face meetings a month. Can be just 15 minutes, if you leave something of value.

.@DickDavies: Have something interesting to talk about at your meetings, could be something you read on Google+.

.@DickDavies: I go to 20 meetings a month.

@DickDavies: Google+ is my morning paper. That's where I find stuff I need to know & events to attend.

.@DickDavies: I like XKCD blog, which is cartoons @ tech, science. I send things from it to my buds.

.@DickDavies: You can post stuff on Google+. & in the About section, you can put links to your blog, videos, recommendations, etc.

.@DickDavies: My Google+ page is the best-managed website about me.

.@DickDavies: Read other people's Google+ pages to learn how to create yours. R&D is Research and Duplicate.

.@DickDavies: Metrics - I aim for 20 face-to-face meetings a month, run an ongoing public program, and post 2 blog posts a week. That’s a good activity metric for the new economy.

.@DickDavies: Biggest advantage of Google+ over Facebook & LinkedIn is that you can choose who sees each of your posts.

@DickDavies: You want to post your original content on Google+.

.@DickDavies: You can use the best content from your personal website on Google+.

Tx @DickDavies for a great talk.

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