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Monday, August 12, 2013

Your Dealer Network

I really admire the automotive manufacturers’ practice of building dealer networks. They have local coverage of buyers just when those buyers are interested in purchasing. Car manufacturers know they couldn’t get that density of coverage at scale on their own.

Here’s a question. Have you ever considered building your dealer network?

Well first, we’re unique. We’re not selling cars.
Uh huh.

What we sell is much more complicated.
Only til you make it simple. That would probably improve your operation all by itself.

We would lose control of quality. Have you talked with people? They’re nuts!
Good observation. I think that has always been true.

Well, what do I look for in a dealer candidate?

An enthusiast. A real interest in what you do. Current delighted customers are a good place to start.

People who share. Ever met someone who isn’t successful? Not a candidate.

People who influence more than you do. You’re peddling as fast as you can.

How do I start a dealer relationship?

When I identify someone who fits the criteria, I do something for them. I’m not building them a dealership, so much as observing something I can do that they would really like. Then I make sure I do it. Quickly.

Doesn’t work every time, but I’m always surprised how many people find that unique, and want to reciprocate.

Here’s a question. How would your situation change if you had 20 enthusiasts taking action to help you?

The Sales Model – Quit working so hard!

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