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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We were musing about groups that venerate experience and the those that don’t. That moved into wondering why we don’t see more venerated old-timers.

There is a ratio of value between teacher and student, which changes as they mature.

Many of us know a grandmother, who can teach us about the world. That goes on from age three to 50 or more. I had a grandmother who worked hard to find valuable topics for me, and just sparkled when she was able to share something useful she had recently learned.

I didn’t have to say much about it. We both knew she was important.

My grandfather died when I was young. I remember sitting on his porch in the foothills, when he pointed down to the skyline of his town and told me his 50 year role in each of those buildings going up.

Not as any kind of empire builder, but as part of the civic machinery. That gave me a strong opinion that I have a right and a role to be part of improving my world.

Venerable is something more than wandering in memories. It is having something to contribute that improves, explains, or simplifies the current situation.

Venerable is also about energy. Doing more with less. The old bull is venerable.

Venerable is also about tasteful. After you learn all the notes you can play, venerable is about the notes you don’t.

Maybe we have the venerable we need. What do you think?

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