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Friday, November 5, 2010

Rainmaker #1 Gifts

We are providing a new offering, a ten minute “Rainmaker” idea before the monthly Capital Technology Management Hub meetings in Tysons Corner.

This Tuesday, November 9th is the next free CTMH meeting. For details and to sign up go to

Here is the handout for Rainmaker #1.

Joining a conversation, whether a formal introduction or just sliding in, what is the best way to start? We often hear inflated claims that go nowhere, start nothing, or people mumbling or never really joining the conversation.

What works better?

What about giving a gift?

A joke, an observation, a compliment, are all individually created. You can’t come up with THE ONE KILLER LINE, but with practice you get better and the process gets easier.

This is the Information Age, and a valuable and appreciated gift is useful information. What can you offer others that they will appreciate?

We’ve noticed that a handout (short – less than a page) lasts longer and can be re-used for greater benefit.

See you Tuesday night!  


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1 comment:

Jack Gates said...

A mumbled introduction lasts until the echo fades - and it puts the person off balance, since they can't recall your name and it is awkward to ask for a repeat intro.

A business card lasts until it hits the growing pile of cards and, while it does have contact info, it is difficult to recall who the offerer from among the many - imprecise at best.

A handout lasts until the value is gone and it stays on the top of the stack for as long as it is needed - the more the value of the content, the longer it is close at hand...and, oh by the way, it has all your contact info readily at hand as well.

How do you want to present yourself?