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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Magic Feather – Part the Second

When an organization creates a strategy (magic feather) or plan to sell something, they do so in the true belief that it is a good way to sell. After all that is the goal. To work for them and be successful one must buy into the belief system of the organization. Whether the plan is excellent or poor makes no difference to the person on the street, either way they must make a point of suspending any disbelief that they might have or they will be ineffective or have to do things in a manner that is at odds with their organization. If they do things at odds with their organization they had better be great right away and even then they might be chastised for setting a bad example of not being a team player.

For those that are successful using a magic feather it might turn out that like Dumbo they learn that they could fly all along without it. It’s a good practice to be a bit skeptical when listening to mice. The magic feather isn't in the process or the system, something external, it's in the person. Isn't that what we learned from Dumbo?

(Apologies to those that don't know Disney, Dumbo is not a negative term for anyone, please Google "Flying Elephant")

"Magic Feather" Part the First

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Thoughthebrowser said...

I'm liking this magic feather! Explains a lot of what we see in the marketplace. Good to get some magic feather driving lessons.