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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How To Turn Prospects Into Clients

For over a decade, Margarita Rozenfeld of Incite International Insights From Your Offsites has been a patron of Sales Lab, commissioning innovative new work for her customers. A few months ago, she asked for a two hour presentation that would be a complete sales program for her CEO group.

Margarita rounded up a dozen CEOs this past Monday, including three Sales Lab Stakeholders, Matt Whitaker of Intelligent Office, Alexandria and the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer Schaus of Jennifer Schaus Associates and the Government Contractors - Culture & Networking at The Kennedy Center, and Chida Sadayappan of OpenOsmium and the National Capital Area Google Technical User Groups (NCA GTUG)

We do weekly presentations, day long presentations, hour presentations and even a series of 300 second presentations, but two hours that would be valuable for company owners called for a rethink.

We started with Talk Your Business: How To Sell More and Better Business Right Away, to establish introductions and stories, the basic building blocks of sales.

Next, we introduced the Sales Model, so everyone would have a common definition of what we were talking about.

Out of a dozen participants we started five new transactions. That's a good presentation.

Best thing the participants learned? The importance of stories in the sales process and how to use them.

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