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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When I go to a meeting and it's time to applaud, I applaud. I often get the group started, as everyone is hanging, waiting for a cue.

I've given up wondering if starting the applause is politically correct, over egoed, or disruptive. I start the applause because it increases meeting velocity, supports the presenter, and binds the audience together through common action.

Seth Godin wrote most people don't believe they are capable of initiative. I was thinking about that when I started applauding Chida last night.

Applauding someone doesn't have to be a reward. It's a powerful way of saying, “For both of us, I hope you're going to be a star!”

Comments? (applause?)

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

My dad always used to say "there are the "ferers" and the "aginners." Being positive always has a lot more force that being negative; and there are very few things more forceful than a round of applause! Starting a positive action like that will compel the audience to make a quick decision: they either like what they heard or they didn't. My applause to you for such a practical insight.