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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rainmaker #3 - Process to Purchase - How To Sell Your Skills

The Rainmaker Series is 300 seconds of hardcore sales at 6 pm before each monthly Capital Technology Management Hub meeting. The next meeting, Leveraging The Organization's Knowledge Assets is Tuesday, March 8.

Here is the March 8 Rainmaker presentation 

We spend our careers honing our skills. It’s what we practice, what we study, what we think about.

Have you noticed nobody else cares? 
Skills are grouped in processes. To showcase  our skills, we explain our processes. Process diagrams don’t sell much. See The Dreaded Process Diagram
People don’t admire and covet your process or your skills. They admire and covet the results of your process. 
If you want your process purchased, focus on communicating how people who used your process succeeded. 
No matter how much you think people want to hear about your process, they don’t. That’s your hallucination. 

Romance them with your customers’ success. Keep pounding “Happily ever after.” Don't slip into your process.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Put yourself in your listener's shoes - if they are buyers or you are striking up a conversation.

As a listener I am interested in how yummy the chicken cordon bleu is, NOT the 10 ingredients and 8 steps to prepare it.

As a buyer I want to know how I benefit and what others experience - why should I buy FROM MY POINT OF VIEW, not all the work (and innovation) you put into it.

If I am interested in looking under the hood - I'll ask.