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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Assigning Credit

We’re in a startup, which is frequently taking us where no man has gone before.

So I asked Jack, “How would you value Zack’s contribution?”

Jack said, “Well, it’s different.”

I said, “Actually, it’s exactly one third, as there are three of us working.” We are all doing very different tasks to get this beast launched. 

I was thinking about all the employees who try to make a career criticizing their coworkers, trading opinions for coffee. Ugly career.

There’s a new work ethic, where people are getting results. Cory Doctorow demonstrated the model in Makers. Small group, total contribution, getting together to increase velocity.

Jay Deragon at Social Flights said, “There is no point in criticizing or explaining social media. The only worthwhile choice is to go build something.”

What are you seeing?

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