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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Burn The Boats – We aren’t going back!

Business is driven by customers. Customers are changing what they want as new options become available.

With all the talk of value buying, I’ve never seen anything beat low price.

My ophthalmologist was telling me that his son was enrolled in a very prestigious and expensive acting school. For a successful ophthalmologist, that is a bit confusing

I allowed that was probably a good career strategy as demand for the professions of the last 50 years is shrinking as more of the work is being done by computers. That is certainly true of ophthalmology, although it is still not the length of the wand, but the magic of the magician that creates extraordinary healing. Better wands make exceptional results possible.

Kevin Kelly wrote an insightful post, Better than Free,that starts “the internet is a vast copying machine...” and proceeds to say that in the internet age, we need to provide value that is better than the copy. How to do that is the current transformation of the economy.

I saw a graph the other day that manufacturing is a decreasing part of the global economy. And the global economy is growing. Go figure.

The skills of the last 30 years need to be matched with the needs of the next decade. We can’t do what we were doing. Fewer and fewer customers will care.

Your thoughts?

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Carol Covin said...

So, it's not just that manufacturing in the U.S. is going down? It's going down everywhere. That means we have to quit whining about the loss of the manufacturing sector and focus on what we can do to add value.

Creative thinkers, we need you!