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Monday, December 26, 2011

Doing the Impossible – The War Horse Lesson

With the holiday celebration over, the eggnog finished, and dinner a very pleasant memory, we went to see War Horse (liked it).

Early in the movie, the boy and the horse took on the monumental challenge of plowing a field of thick deep-rooted grass and stone for the first time. They succeeded.

What we watched was the accomplishment of a virtually impossible task by sheer will-power, refusing to quit, and learning to work together.

This scene serves as a powerful reminder to leaders that inspiration, focus, and working together can overcome huge obstacles to achieve results.

Kennedy and landing on the moon is another example...can you recall others?

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Thoughthebrowser said...

A good leader includes, a bad leader divides.
Good reminder.

Carol Covin said...

Just finished the book "Moonwalking with Einstein" about how a journalist, of average memory, decided to and won the U.S. Memory Championship in a year. Well-defined goal, good coaches, dedicated practice. Aren't those all conditions leaders set up?