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Thursday, December 1, 2011

World 2.0

Robert made a good point, “Why don’t we drop this 2.0 business?”

We can’t, because there is something there, something that is fundamentally changing our world. Something that enormous is REALLY hard to understand, but we can see the effects of it every day.

Clayton Christensen has some early definition with his disruptive innovation. You routinely double and triple (or more) your users by offering what they want.

People who don’t understand technology say, “The key must be technology!” This gives me a new understanding of why so many IT projects fail. If the leader doesn’t understand both the business necessity and the technology, they keep trying to join the two together and missing. Think about what happens if you understand just one or the other.

People who don’t understand the changed role of pricing say, “We can’t lower our prices!”

People who don’t understand innovation say, “Let Steve Jobs do it!”

Perhaps the key is understanding what your users will want, what technology will be disruptive, how to make your pricing radically more attractive, and offer something that works much better.

And, as Mr. Loaf says, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

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