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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Virtualosity and Building a Sales Team I:

The virtual tools now available through the internet allow for a much more flexible business operation than the traditional sales organization can tolerate. In fact the potential of virtualization for sales is barely being realized at the present time. Add the current economic situation to the present tools available and there is a large pool of qualified and motivated people to provide the manpower for a national sales team without offices.

There are also a number of low and no-cost tools to use to recruit, train, and maintain contact with a team of salespeople. These include listing services, teleconferencing and video conferencing services, social media sites, business networking sites, as well as simple e-mail services that many of us take for granted right now.

Using many of these services I have been able to provide sales teams of up to 15 people for companies doing business across the country, with a current group that should grow to 30. The main pitfall is in not maintaining proper contact with those in the group on an individual and group level. If contact is maintained one can get a feel for the individuals involved, if they are up to the challenge of working as part of a virtual sales team, and who can be counted on for priority or special tasks.

Next-setting up the team

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Thoughthebrowser said...

Sales teams used to be clustered around *The Office* like Dunder Mifflin. Now the logistical tools have advanced way beyond management thinking so we can organize around the customers.
Paradigm shift!

Unknown said...

The New Normal is about the collaboration of individuals to accomplish projects. The work site is no longer a bricks & mortar office, nor is it a single location.

Tools of the type you mentioned are necessary to collaborate between remote (or international) locations.

Technology is how we use the tools available, the 'things' like computers and smartphones: it is the how, not the things that bring results.

Great post.