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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Captcha Infestation

How many comments do you get in a week? I never get enough.

I was taking a leisurely read Monday and saw three posts that merited comments.

In each I ran into comment prevention systems featuring undecipherable pictures or obfuscating directions.

Got one the other day that asked for my Facebook credentials. Good luck!

Let’s not even begin with WordPress or Disqus. They offer me the forced opportunity of registering with them, not the blog I read. Damn, and I was just looking for more spam. Good luck with that!

I always feel unworthy after trying to comply with comment preventions systems. As had been observed previously, paybacks are hell.

Let’s go back to first principles. Do you want the comments or not? Or are you trying to drive an automated behemoth that rolls the comment landscape flat?

Are you encouraging or discouraging comments from your readers?

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I have been boxed out of offering a comment because of not getting past Captcha or other scheme - after the effort and thought of writing it. Other times, I may skip the commenting because it has a gatekeeper blocking submission.

Is the few auto-comments thwarted worth the loss of real comments, adding to the discussion?