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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Focus and Goofing Off

Recently, I was talking with Dick about keys to successful results.

We identified focus as an important element contributing to superior outcomes.

Today was one of those rare balmy January days in Washington, DC, hovering around 60 degrees, so Dick and I headed to a nearby course for a round golf.

While returning to our cars, we had to chuckle about the focus conversation in the context of a mid-week golf game.

However, we suddenly realized that this confirmed the focus principle – instead of goofing off 10 minutes here and there, we had concentrated it in a 4 hour block.

It seems right on so many levels. At times focus can become sharper when you shift your focus to something else for a while.

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Thoughthebrowser said...

Most times when I have a hard time getting something done, it's because I am approaching it from the wrong direction, usually straight on.
Backing off and regrouping, even talking to somebody else, can give me the key to the lock enough times to be a repeatable pattern.