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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The New Game of Work

Future Shock in the ‘60s said we can't accommodate so much change before a melt-down; but change happens fast and it takes time to recognize and adapt. We did not melt-down, we coped.

Traditional old processes, like Information Interviews – mainstay of job transitions, don’t work anymore – much of the info is on the internet, LinkedIn and other social sites manage distant relationships. Now computers do what used to be entry-level jobs.

What to expect in the next 3 years:
  • Do it yourself (DIY)
  • Fix yourself – reorient how you get and use information and vision
  • Scale – small or large; do you need an expert? Or will you rely on yourself?
Fail Forward Frequently (F3) – Do projects: experiment and learn; experiment again.

Doing project for first time, it takes more effort and time than the next time. We learn from the first one and make the second one better. Learn and Apply.

Same is true doing something alien and strange for the first time – like new technology. Enough said?
What’s here now and what’s nextChris Anderson: MakersDavid Weinberger: Too Big to Know – two books about manufacturing and information acquisition changes that are radically affecting our world.Traits of a leader:
  • Relentlessly tell yourself the truth and require it of others
  • Surround yourself with people committed to change
  • Keep reading, keep learning, keep doing, and keep sharing.
Economy is about 80-20 right now, but not evenly distributed – 80% below before but 20% is on fire. Why? Absence of buying customers. The winners are providing what customers need and want.The new game is more focused on you, rather than an organization. If you are not doing something worthy, start doing something worthy. The era of merely being a follower has ended – contributors welcome, others are 'retired'. For tasks – add technology not people. Meet Boots’.

After 30 years of high water in the pond, we are now seeing the shopping carts & tires. Eliminate waste and 'cheap' inefficiency (serious change requires redesign – no avoiding it).

Business is NOT about being a bench-warmer and getting a ‘show-up’ trophy at the end of the yearBusiness is all about getting results, paying bills, and reinvesting for tomorrow.

Success comes from doing real work – not from the poseurs - no matter how articulate - who are not producing. Do it alone or collaborate, but share to build better with more efficiency
What To Do Each Day:
  • What goals are you working to achieve – make progress
  • How are you acquiring knowledge – apply it – share it
  • Stay current with:
    • your profession
    • your industry
    • technology, business, and the global marketplace
  • Talk with customers to find out what they want and need – then provide it
  • Anticipate the next 'better mousetrap'.
Will any of this help in the marketplace? You Bet!

Every day you must make progress toward the goal. After all, the marketplace is always in motion – stand still and you're losing ground.

The good news about rapidly changing technology is everyone must start at the beginning! As with mastering a new game, it requires investing time and effort.
It's new, so no one has an immediate edge...they must learn it too. Past experience can speed success, but so can focus and devoting time. First adopters have an advantage; subsequent adopters can get in as well – harder but possible. Late adopters must have that better mousetrap to enter – think of Apple with the iPod and iPhone.

The new game of work requires an open mind and creativity, rather than sticking to the traditional approach – for example if you were in HR, would you hire Seth Godin? Stick to puzzle piece recruiting on outdated specs vs. shopping for potential.

The new game rules also:
  • Always provide value
  • Sales – what do they want - I met him; he gave me a lapel pin; I gave him a show to present his program
  • Share and Be Visible – write a blog, comment on a post, show up and contribute
  • The 20 – 2 – 1 Rule: twenty face-to-face meetings a month; two blog posts a week; one event you own a month.
  • Have a Top 10 – what you're good at.
  • Who's successful? Get up and do what they do.

After all, work is like a game – do the right thing and get better – you win; coast and PacMan will eat you!

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