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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good Stories

Good stories are a basic unit of communication. Gets to the point in a minute or less. Good stories go beyond words to form a lasting mental picture in the listeners’ mind.

In Talk Your  Business – How to make more and better sales right away! everyone gets to develop a story that interests them, attracts the listener.

A good story sings to you, sings to to your audience.


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Unknown said...

A story can build immediate credibility - everyone can claim to be unique or the best, without detail you cannot assess the claim. Therefore it is likely to be discounted or dismissed.

If you are telling a story and are specific about the five basic elements (who, what, where, when, and how) while speaking about results and outcomes from the recipient's viewpoint, the listener is mentally working to see how they could get some of this good stuff.

There is more comfort and credibility in hearing that you have done so & so last month which netted $6,000 in top line results for company XYZ, than there is in a blanket statement that our firm gets clients superior results.

Specific stories trump broad generalizations every time!