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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


One of our clients swears the best thing I ever told him was to make a meeting before a scheduled meeting and make one after.

As long as you’re in the building/neighborhood/country plan another stop.

That means you need a stop-by rationale, tools, and research. However the meetings that create a favorable result are easy to remember.

When job hunting, a fruitful tactic once you have found an opportunity you like, is to locate a half dozen similar organizations and present a similar concept. They usually aren’t as far along in developing the opportunity, but your competition is sparse, too.

Software development and consulting, the biggest cost is creating the first copy. Margins are real high on copies.

Can you add to this meme?

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Unknown said...


When the pundits tell us how to be more efficient and save gas, they always include 'bundling' trips - it take a bit of planning but save gas, sanity, and time.

Seems logical we'd apply the same idea to our meetings travel and book several meetings in the same area - it also takes a bit of planning and saves gas, sanity, and time - BUT it also gives us another face-to-face meeting. In person is one of the best ways I have found to develop and nurture a relationship and sales.

As you have walked to a meeting, have you suddenly realized that there is another person in the area you would have liked to see - but didn't set it up or prepare? It is often followed by a self-slap on the forehead and a "duh" kind of missed opportunity feeling.

Always better to have a two-fer or three-pete than a one-fer (is that even a word?).

Thanks for sharing the meme to get us thinking about the obvious.