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Monday, August 22, 2011

Rainmaker # 7 - Mark Your Territory

Animals mark their territory to help keep competitors away. I think it also helps to remind the hunted (prospects) they may be dinner someday.

In business we also mark our territory – by letting folks know who we are and what we offer.


Tell them.
Show them.
Remind them.

Tell them on your website and blog about your capabilities and what you offer.
-No Website? No Blog? No Business!

Show them your results through recommendations and stories/articles from the client's point of view – how they benefited from your work.
    - How do you get recommendations? Ask!

Remind them by always leaving something of value with them whenever you 'touch' them – which includes your contact information.
    - Who you are, how to reach you, where to learn more (website/blog), and a bookmark for what you offer (tag line or catchphrase).

Mark your territory by being visible – even when out of sight - and findable, while familiarizing your prospects on your capabilities and results.

One final point: Never!!! go to a meeting naked – no business cards; no handout, no nametag. Marking territory is full time work.

Sales Lab’s Rainmaker series returns to the Capital Technology Management Hub, Tuesday, September 13th with 300 seconds of MarkYour Territory. The featured CTMH speaker will be Professor Steve Gladis, author of The Agile Leader. Come join us!

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Thoughthebrowser said...

At a group meeting, a valuable handout beats an attempted pitch every time. It's faster and lasts longer.

Phase 2, an open source company, was handing out wine openers. After a year, I still have their website displayed in my kitchen.

Carol Covin said...

Jack's and Dick's handouts set the standard for speakers. At a speech Jack gave, he handed out a brochure that was an outline of his speech, with graphics, and suggestions for the audience that extended his great talk into your own business. Best handouts I've ever seen and I go to a lot of presentations. Way better than just a copy of Powerpoint slides.

Thoughthebrowser said...

Thank you Carol!
A short time ago (as I am young) a mentor explained that when he was a lad, when the lights went out he was told to go to sleep. That was the day I stopped using PowerPoint.