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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rainmaker 16 - LinkedIn: Your Personal Publicist

Do you show up at your best for other 175 million LinkedIn members?

Many posts have been written about developing your profile and contact information for the 'yellow pages' of the professional community – the top part of your LinkedIn page. While this is important and you must build a strong profile and history, it is like filling in the entries for your school year book when compared to your visibility and growing legend by participating in the groups.

To showcase your knowledge and experience by starting discussions and writing comments on other posts – when you continue the conversations and add depth, you get more visibility. Blogging is more demanding than a discussion and commenting – but each is a positive addition to your legend. Be positive when commenting and show your knowledge and mastery.

Here’s how:

Be serious – Start a discussion and comment often and consistently – start a discussion once a week and comment on 2 posts per day

Comment Screens from LinkedIn Groups

 Stick to the topic posted – focus your comments on the topic, add to the body of knowledge
Want to change topics – write a post – don’t derail – create your own; comment on comments your posts receive – no arguments, only write positive points

Blogsite and Blogger

Read an interesting post?- repost it in your group but add value by offering your comments about why you.

Chose LinkedIn groups with topics of interest to you professionally and on which you can contribute to the existing body of knowledge.

You can leverage you visibility in the professional community by using the LinkedIn groups, discussions, and commenting.

Definition: A Rainmaker creates a significant amount of new business for a company. The Sales Lab Rainmaker Series is one rainmaker technique for technologists during the first 300 seconds (five minutes) of the monthly Capital Technology Management Hub Meeting.

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October 9th is the next Capital Technology Management Hub featuring Sales Lab's Rainmaker 16 LinkedIn – Your Personal Publicist - 300 seconds of pure profit. The main speaker will be Philip H. Smith III of Voltage Security, Inc., presenting The Payments Ecosystem Security Challenges in the 21st Century.


Thoughthebrowser said...

My guidelines:
New thought extending a post, comment.
New thought, post.
I get a lot of value reading comments, not every comment has value, but the ones that build on a post that interests me are stoking an idea I already care about.
I try for six comments a week.

Unknown said...


Commenting advances the conversation - derailing the conversation with something unrelated is noise and a distraction.

Writing a new post for new thoughts and topics makes sense from two viewpoints - does not end up as noise and if searchable (thus findable) from others with an interest in the topic.

Why would anyone take the time and effort to write a blog that no one can read?

Thanks for the comment.